Health Professions Education - Simulation Professionals Certificate of Completion

Health Professions Simulation Professionals Certificate of Completion

Existing simulation certificate programs focus on the basics and are geared for novice learners. Our certificate program spans the range of novice to expert simulationists, with unique courses not currently taught by other programs, although very needed. Our certificate is unique in that it is customizable to fit the needs of different learners; you select 9 credits from this group of courses to complete the certificate.

Courses meet the needs of novice to experienced health care simulationists and operations specialists.

  • Learners will apply key foundational knowledge for simulation educators, administrators or technical specialists to their unique simulation centers and needs.
  • Learners will evaluate both contemporary and emerging simulation-based education equipment (concepts) for best (application) uses, features, maintenance, evaluation, and the ROI on equipment for their individual situational contexts.
  • Learners will analyze their own leadership strengths using theory and application scenarios for managing simulation education and operational needs.
  • Learners will apply the foundations of emotional intelligence using theory and application scenarios for managing simulation education and organizational needs.

Learners will choose 9 credits from the following course list. Courses do not have prerequisites and can be taken in any order.

  • HE-720 (Fall) Foundations of Simulation-based Education and Operations (3 cr)
  • HE-721 (Spring) Simulation-Based Educational Technologies (3 cr)
  • HE-722 (Summer) Assessment in Simulation-Based Education (3 cr)
  • HE-718 (Spring) Leading with Emotional Intelligence (3 cr)
  • HE-746 (Fall, Spring) Leadership in Health Professions Education (3 cr)
  • HE-730 (Fall) Foundations of Distance Simulation (1 cr)
  • HE-733 (Spring) Educational Principles Applied to Distance Simulation (1 cr)
  • HE-734 (Summer) Distance Simulation Educational Resources and Environment (1 cr)

The certificate is a non-degree program; as such it does not have admissions process or requirements. Those interested may register for courses directly through our non-degree registration website.