Enrollment and Course Registration Policy

New students who have been granted admission to the Institute are required to be registered for course work during each semester of matriculation. Failure to register in the first term for which admission is granted ordinarily requires the student to reapply for admission. Any student who fails to register during a one-year period, does not have an approved official leave of absence, or has not been approved for a deferral is subject to review for readmission by the standards in effect at the time of reconsideration.

All currently matriculated students, including those on any terminal project continuation, must register each semester for the upcoming semester during the times allotted for this purpose as outlined in the Institute's official academic calendars. Continuing students who do not register after the scheduled registration periods will be assessed a late registration fee. Credit is not given for work done without proper registration; the Registrar cannot certify a student's matriculation status if the student has not properly completed the registration process. Details of the registration process are furnished to all students by the Registrar's Office before each registration period.

If a student won't be registered in a given semester for whatever reason, a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form must be submitted online for approval. Continuing students who are not registered by the end of the 5th week of any semester who have not submitted this form will be administratively withdrawn from the Institute and will need to petition their School/Program for re-entry.

Contact registrar@mghihp.edu for any questions regarding this information.